James. 19. I write and take pictures of things, occasionally.

Anonymous asked: Write me something pretty, I know it's not your style. Write love scrawled in pen- even though you're bitter. Write me lies when all I should hear is the truth. Write promises to me that we both know you won't keep. Write us a future before you drink away my name.

The conjuring of beauty without raw inspiration
is not my forte

But as far as lying goes,
I’m sorry - 
for my inability to entertain your request,
for your inability to differentiate bitterness from thick skin,
and for all of the ways in which I could probably woe you, 
but probably won’t.

We’re all responsible for our own futures.
Every moment is an opportunity
to pick up the pen
and write the next part of your story,
but please understand that it’s going to take a lot more
than a cute prompt and pretty words
to be written into mine. 

Anonymous asked: Give me the night and the darkness that it comes with. Get so drunk you won't remember, I'll be awkward for us both. Let me lose the girl I show them; indulge the darker side I hide. Share more than the prose you've written. Help me feast on more than words.


The weather is finally getting warmer.

Maybe my soul will too.

Abusing  my
personal freedom
is the only way
to celebrate it. 

I miss opportunities like highway exits -
(resentfully) - 
looking back at the signs in the rear view
that could have brought me
to the haven I yearn to see
and to the clarity and tranquility
my life needs.

Anonymous asked: Prompt: Ex girlfriend calls you back, she wants to kiss you one last time.


I’ll respond to the other prompts by the end of the day. Sorry this took so long.

Terms of Service’d

I should care because I told you that I would forever but
its becoming all too clear that you never
read the terms that emotionally bind you
to the services provided by his love or mine

and you made your choice, much to my demise surprise
and severed all ties with
my loving eyes

so no, I will not be answering this phone
because in all honestly,
you should have known 
not to bother me

when you feel alone.


If you sent me a prompt, expect a response poem tomorrow. 

Dreams are Weird

The most beautiful girl in my mind

met me last night

and the pilot for “Getting High Airlines”

is a total badass.

I’m disappointed

that they aren’t real.

Even more so that nothing else is either. 

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